Our Expert Team Analyzes Options to Pinpoint the Most Cost-Effective Process for Your Project

Tackling Complex Environmental Issues Stemming from Mining, Smelting and Metallurgical Processing Operations

Meticulously Crafted Solutions for the Removal of Selenium, Chromium, Cyanide, Sulphate, Nitrates, Ammonia, and Heavy Metals

Lab Testing and Pilot Demonstration

Conduct trials on water treatment solutions, validate applicability and define engineering design basis.

Process Engineering

Designs for treatment efficiency and adherence to industry standards, emphasizing operability.

Treatment options Assessment

Each waste stream varies and each location has distinct specifications. We tailor solutions to align with your needs.

Sustainable Designs for Lifecycle Costs

Precision in Treatment Testing

  • Recycling and Reusing Water
  • Reducing Costs and Minimizing Waste Residues
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Recovery of Valuable Metals from Bleed Streams


A novel process developed for hexavalent selenium and chromium removal establishing new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability.


Management and neutralization of cyanide and its by-products, ensuring safe and efficient mitigation.


Leveraging in-depth knowledge of heavy metals treatment systems offering efficient solutions to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Fine-Tuning Water Solutions

Engineering for Efficiency

Treatment Solutions for:

    • Mine Drainage (Acid Rock Drainage)
    • Tailings and Waste Rock Seepage, Groundwater
    • Waste Brines (RO/NF Brine, Wet Scrubbing, …)
    • Managing Complex Cyanidation Circuits