ZeViron™ Is a Novel Water Treatment Process Designed for Hexavalent Selenium and Chromium Removal that Establishes New Benchmarks for Efficiency and Sustainability.

ZeViron™ Breaking Through Traditional Limitations of Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) with Zero Loss of ZVI Reactivity.

Advantages of ZeViron™

  • Extraordinary Performance with Order of Magnitude Faster Kinetics Compared to Status Quo BAT.

  • A Picture – Perfect Result of 0.002 mg/L at the End of the Pipe.

  • Streamlined Operation with no Pre-Treating for Suspended Solids or Post-Treatment of Toxic By-Products.

  • Iron Residue Stability TCLP Approved Proclaiming Suitability of the Small Volume of Cake By-Product for Landfill Disposal or Co-Disposal with Tailings.

  • Modular Design and Adaptive to Fluctuating Water Quality and Flow Rates, Versatility and Scalability.