ZVI-Based Selenium and Chromium Removal: Introducing ZeViron™ Innovation

Mar 6, 2024 | Features | 0 comments

Unlocking a new era in water treatment, ZeViron™ takes the lead in selenium and chromium removal, revolutionizing the game with its cutting-edge Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) process. This remarkable technology, extending its prowess beyond, also tackles challenging metals oxyanions like molybdenum and antimony.

Revolutionary ZVI Process

The ZVI process, powered by reactive iron particles, shots, etc., orchestrates the reduction and precipitation of selenium and chromium in a manner unlike any other. Yet, the conventional ZVI processes struggle with slow kinetics, demanding colossal volumes and large tanks, primarily due to the hindrance caused by rust on iron particle surfaces. The challenges intensify when aiming for consistently low contaminant concentrations.

While various modified ZVI products exist, none has presented an economically viable solution for active water treatment—until ZeViron™. This groundbreaking solution defies ZVI’s limitations, offering a unique and cost-effective approach for active continuous water treatment, perfectly tailored for demanding sectors like specifically smelting, refining, power generation, and mining industries where high levels of dissolved solids are present in wastewaters and process solutions.

Advantages of ZeViron

  • Pure Innovation, No Modifications! The star of the show for this revolutionary water treatment process is also the only process consumable needed, raw and unmodified ZVI with no costly modifications, just pure innovation.
  • Exceptionally High Contaminant Removal Rates: ZeViron™ achieves remarkable contaminant removal rates, surpassing the Best Available Technology (BAT) by approximately one order of magnitude.
  • Elimination of Pre and Post Treatment: ZeViron™ does not require filtration pre-treatment for suspended solids removal or post-treatment for the removal of potentially toxic by-products, reducing operational complexities.
  • Insensitive to Temperature: Relying on a robust method grounded in the naturally occurring reactions of iron corrosion for contaminants removal, ZeViron™ is insensitive to temperature variations and easy to operate.
  • Significant Cost Savings: The efficient contaminant removal leads to substantial savings in both capital and operating costs.
  • Versatility in Industrial Applications: ZeViron™ excels in addressing challenges in industrial applications where other technologies fall short or become prohibitively expensive.
  • Modular Treatment System: ZeViron™ employs a modular system capable of adapting to large variations in water quality and flow rate, providing flexibility and scalability.
  • Passing TCLP Standards: ZeViron™ ensures compliance with the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) standards, underscoring its commitment to environmental safety.

    For personalized assessments and expert advice on implementing selenium and Chromium removal solutions tailored to your specific requirements, including the innovative ZeViron™ process, please contact us.